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The Graviton Media SEO Report delivers the following key information about your website:


This report provides you with a strategy for improving your page to hit the top position for the following key words that you have chosen. You can check how well your page is optimized.

Page elements

Include things like page title, meta description, meta keywords, body text, H1 headings, bold text blocks, anchor texts, image Alt texts and the entire page. This report generates a whole description of each of these page elements and includes information on the keywords, gives you summary and advice on each of the keywords in each section, details on the analyzed page and competitors, word phrases and multi-word phrases.


This was created for you based on the knowledge of search engines' logic and on detailed analysis of your high-ranking competition. 

Site load time

This is the time it takes for your site to load, and it is critical for two reasons. One is that it determines visitors' enjoyment of a website and two because it also affects your search engine rankings. The quicker your website loads - the better time your visitors have on your site. 


The price of a Graviton Media SEO Report is $220 inc GST. This covers 3 key phrases and 3 search engines (e.g. Google, Google Australia, Bing.) Extra key phrases or search engines are an extra $55 inc GST per report.

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